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Application Checklist  

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Business Info 

  • Legal Business Name, Legal Business Address
  • Legal Business Structure 
  • Federal Tax ID
    • S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs must provide a Federal Tax ID
    • Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships must provide a Social Security Number if a Federal Tax ID has not been issued


Acceptable Proof of Reseller Tax Exemption 

  • Please see below regarding the proof of reseller tax exemption requirements and forms 
  • Make sure you have your state registration number, seller permit number, or ID number of purchaser on hand to complete the application


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IMPORTANT: To establish and maintain your account, you will need to provide acceptable proof of tax exemption for each state where you are located and registered and that you update your certificate(s) on a periodic basis in accordance with state laws and/or Ingram Micro policy. Our Resale Tax Department will notify you by mail when an updated certificate is required. Failure to provide updated tax exemption information may result in delayed shipments, rejection of orders, and/or closure of your account.  Orders that are drop shipped may be subject to sales tax if you have not provided Ingram Micro with acceptable proof of tax exemption for the ship to location. 


Completing the Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate - Multijurisdiction Form (USUTC) Within The Reseller Application: Most states (exceptions outlined below) require that you complete the USUTC - which you can complete within our reseller application.  You will be asked to enter the following information:

  1. Legal business name
  2. Business trade name(s); DBA
  3. Business address and phone number
  4. Type of business as registered with your state
  5. General description of business
  6. State sales registration number of each state in which you are licensed for resale
  7. Signature of owner or officer signing application
  8. Name and title of person signing certificate
  9.  Date certificate is signed


IMPORTANT: Certain states require a different form! If you are registered in any of the states listed below, you must fill out and/or submit the appropriate documentation (links to forms included where possible). 

  • Florida Annual Resale Certificate DR-13 - You should have received a reseller certificate from the state of Florida. You will be required to upload that certificate within the application. 

  • Indiana - Form ST-105 

  • Louisiana - You should have received a reseller certificate from the state of Louisiana. You will be required to upload that certificate within the application. More info can be found here.

  • Massachusetts - Form ST - 4

  • New York - Form ST - 120

  • Pennsylvania - Form

  • Virginia - Form ST - 10

  • Washington - You should have received a reseller certificate from the state of Washington. You will be required to upload that certificate within the application. More info can be found here

  • West Virginia - Form

  • Wyoming - Form


PLEASE NOTE: Ingram Micro has special sales tax requirements for shipment to the following states and sales tax will be applied to all shipments to those states unless the stated information is provided.

New York: NY ST-120, NY resellers complete Part A; non-NY resellers complete Part B.

Pennsylvania: PA resellers complete PA REV 1220; non-PA resellers complete PA REV 1220 – Line 3 include your company’s home state ID, Line 7 list the home state and an explanation as to why they are not registered in PA (example “no nexus”).

Illinois: IL resellers complete the multi-jurisdictional or IL CRT-61; non-IL resellers complete the multi-jurisdictional form by writing “No Nexus” on the IL state line. In addition please provide the Illinois Resale Exemption Statement.

California: A resale certificate with valid California tax ID number.

Massachusetts: A Massachusetts state specific ST-4 Resale certificate that includes a valid Massachusetts tax ID number.

Tennessee: A resale certificate with a valid Tennessee tax ID number.


Manually Filling Out the Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate - Multijurisdiction Form (USUTC)You can access a paper version of the USUTC here and then upload it within the Reseller Tax Certificate section of the reseller application.


Questions? Contact New Accounts at (800) 456-8000, ext. 41, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Eastern time.